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Sotol (Chihuahua) 2002: Sotol is distilled from the head or pineapple of the Dasylirion plant, of the Asparagaceae family, known by the same name (or by the Raramuris by the name of sereque) and which grows in the desert of northern Chihuahua. Mexico. The word sotol or zotol comes from the Nahuatl word tzotollin and means the sweet of the head, which was used by the Anasazis, the Tarahumaras, the Tobosos and the Apaches since the year 205 AD. C. and the name is still maintained. Since September 2002, it has a denomination of origin and a regulation in its production in Mexican territory.


chihuahuan desert

Type of Agave:
dasylirion Asparagaceae

100% agave

Ultra Premium Silver and Ultra Premium Extra Aged. Small Batches from the selection of the best Mexican Spirits cavas.

Cont. Net.:
1,000 ml
40% alc, Vl (80 proof)

Designations of origin contained in this collection:

– Sotol distilled through an artisanal process.
– Talavera bottle created by hand with designation of protected origin.
– Olinalá box made and hand painted with designation of protected origin.
– Certified amber stopper from Chiapas, sculpted by hand.
– Papel de amate hecho y pintado a mano.