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Raicilla (Jalisco) 2019: The raicilla is a liquid with aroma and flavor derived from the species of maguey used and from the production process, diversifying its qualities by the type of soil, topography, climate, water, producer (raicillero master), graduation alcohol, yeasts, among other factors that define the character and organoleptic sensations produced by each Raicilla. It is obtained by the distillation of juices fermented with Mexican yeasts, spontaneous or cultivated, extracted from mature heads of the agaves “Agave maximiliana Baker, Agave inaequidens koch, Agave Valenciana, Agave angustifolia Haw, and Agave rhodacantha”, among others, with the exception of the “Agave Tequilana Weber Azul”, cooked and/or roasted, harvested in the territory covered by the Raicilla appellation of origin. The Raicilla de la Costa is the one that is made with the “Agaves Angustifolia How, and Rhodacantha”. The Raicilla de la Sierra is the one that is elaborated with the “Agaves Maximiliana Baker, Inaequidens Koch and Valenciana”.


San Sebastián del Oeste,
Jalisco, méjico

Agave type:
Maximiliana Baker

100% agave

Ultra Premium Silver and Ultra Premium Extra Aged. Small Batches from the selection of the best Mexican Spirits cavas.

Cont. Net.:
1,000 ml
40% alc, Vl (80 proof)

Designations of origin contained in this collection:

– Raicilla distilled through an artisanal process.
– Talavera bottle created by hand with designation of protected origin.
– Olinalá box made and painted by hand with designation of protected origin.
– Certified amber stopper from Chiapas, sculpted by hand.
– Matte paper made and painted by hand.