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Charanda (Michoacán) 2003: Charanda persists in its mother tongue, which means “red land”, in honor of La Charanda hill, located in the vicinity of Uruapan, on whose slope the first distillery was built. It is a regional Mexican drink typical of the state of Michoacán, obtained by distillation and rectification of fermented musts, prepared from cane juice or its derivatives. What makes the charanda special is the raw material: tall cane (1,500 meters above sea level) and farmland, as well as, preponderantly, the quality of the water used. On August 27, 2003, the denomination of origin was granted, which establishes that no cane distillate in the world, with the exception of that produced in 16 municipalities of Michoacán, with locally grown cane and water from springs in the region, can lawfully be called a charanda.


Uruapan, Michoacán, Méjico

Cane type:
organic cane

100% cane

Ultra Premium Silver and Ultra Premium Extra Aged. Small Batches from the selection of the best Mexican Spirits cavas.

Cont. Net.:
1,000 ml
40% alc, Vl (80 proof)

Designations of origin contained in this collection:

– Charanda distilled through a traditional process.
– Talavera bottle created by hand with designation of protected origin.
– Olinalá box made and painted by hand with designation of protected origin.
– Certified amber stopper from Chiapas, sculpted by hand.
– Amate paper made and painted by hand.