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Bacanora (Sonora) 2000: Bacanora is a distillate from the municipality of Bacanora in the state of Sonora, Mexico. This drink is obtained from the Angustifolia Haw type agave or popularly also known as agave espadín Agave vivipara, Yaquiano or Pacific. For the year 2000 it obtained the distinction of Denomination of Origin in 35 municipalities of the mountainous area of ​​Sonora. The word Bacanora comes from the indigenous language of the ópatas, originally Bacanoraco and is interpreted as: “Slope of reeds”, it comes from the linguistic roots Baca which means “reed” and Noraco which means “slopes”.


Sonora, Méjico

Agave type:
Angustifolia Haw

100% agave

Ultra Premium Silver and Ultra Premium Extra Aged. Small Batches from the selection of the best Mexican Spirits cavas.

Cont. Net.:
1,000 ml
40% alc, Vl (80 proof)

Designations of origin contained in this collection:

– Bacanora distilled through an artisanal process.
– Talavera bottle created by hand with designation of protected origin.
– Olinalá box made and hand painted with designation of protected origin.
– Certified amber stopper from Chiapas, sculpted by hand.
– Amate paper made and painted by hand.