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1 litro Tequila Flor y Canto Reserva Especial Extra Añejo Edición Especial Jaguar NOM 1414

USD $ 4,730.00

Precioso Acervo Único y Coleccionable que contiene la esencia profunda de nuestro bello México: Botella de Talavera Poblana, Tapón de Ambar Chiapaneco con forma de cabeza y cara de Jaguar, Tequila Extra Añejo 100% Agave, Lienzo de Amate, Caja de Olinalá Guerrero. Absolutamente todo es realizado por manos orgullosamente mexicanas.

Distillery: Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados S.A. de C.V.

  • Experience of more than five generations growing agave
  • Nom 1414
  • DOT 129
  • Arandas, Jalisco, México

Our Agaves:

  • Agave Type: Tequilana Webber Azul
  • Agaves from Los Altos de Jalisco with 8 years old, carefully selected


  • Harvested by the JIMA method
  • Water Sources: Deep well water
  • Extraction: Roller Mill
  • Cooked in masonry ovens (Stone/Brick Ovens)
  • Fermentation at the rhythm of Baroque / Classical music
  • Once the microorganisms and the classical music have done their job of converting the honey into alcohol, a double distillation process is carried out in copper pot.
  • Aging under controlled conditions of humidity, temperature and light in American Oak ex-Bourbon Barrels for around 50 months
  • Hand Bottling, filtered, tasted, supervised for quality consistency.

Our Tequila:

  • Extra Aged Tequila Reserva Especial Flor y Canto 100% Agave
  • 50 months aged in American Oak ex-Bourbon Barrels
  • 46% Vol. Alc. (92 proof)
  • 1 litter or little more
  • Additive Free
  • Distilled, Bottled & Aged in Arandas , Jalisco, México
  • Small Batches of Extra Limited Edition from the select Vivanco’s cava
  • Master Distiller: Sergio Hugo Cruz Sánchez
  • Appearance: Mahogany color, dark amber with reddish tones.
  • Aroma: Toasted Oak, Multitude of fruit aromas, cooked agave, vanilla, maple, caramel, cinnamon and spice aromas
  • Taste: Creamy taste of oak, great body, long and slightly sweet finish, cooked agave, vanilla, nuts, Carmel and light spices.
  • Do not mix with anything, this tequila is enjoyed straight

Mexican appellations of origin that contains this collection:

  • Tequila Reserva Especial Extra Aged 100% agave from Arandas, Jalisco.
  • Olinala Box hand painted with minerals and natural extracts from Guerrero , unique wood from this area that’s spreads a delicious smell.
  • Talavera Bottle: Hand crafted and hand painted bottle from Puebla
  • Amber Cap: Unique and special amber from Chiapas, millions of years old, extracted and sculpted by hand, this jewel has a certificate of protected appellation of origin.
  • Amate Canvas: Bottle covered with a precious art in amate paper, an ancient Mexican art that contains the certificate of authenticity of this beautiful piece.

More About Us:

  • Family Owned Brand
  • % of sales is used to develop and get better conditions for the artisans involve in this product